Ann Deman

Passion for creativity and meditation characterize Ann's work. Intuitive creation from connection gives her images passion. Her best-known works, Mother Earth I and II, represent this energy and drive connection with the earth. Her artistic path is atypical, and she did not choose the most obvious route. Most artists evolve from small to significant works, not so with Ann. As a starting artist, she realized her first impressive statue of Mother Earth in 2004, which now brightens up the banks of the Leie in Sint-Martens-Latem. Meanwhile, her work is on the other side of the world in Tasmania.

Ann Deman grounds herself with her hands. Her images amaze and stimulate our childish imagination. But more is happening; the works of art invite us to look at them and, at the same time, at ourselves. To reconnect with ourselves and enjoy Being. On the one hand, she creates for herself from her own experience. A world that is nourished by unity consciousness from meditation and silence. On the other hand, she tries to let the viewer of her works experience this unity, to allow this and from there to experience the unity.

Born on May 12, 1969, in Menen (Belgium)
Studied Master Applied Economics (1994 - KU Leuven), Visual Arts Design (Art Academy Kortrijk), Artistic & Dynamic Coaching (De Kleine Tiki - Breda). Mother of 4 children.
She lives in Tiegem and has her studio within walking distance.